Percy Jackson and The Lightning Theif, Rick Riordan by Owl Girl

The first time I ever read the book, I was 11. I had heard about the books, since several kids in my class were reading them. I decided to pick the first on up, since I had always been a big bookworm. I mean, I was a level Z while the average letter for reading level in my 5th grade class was an X.

I had picked it up at Barnes and Noble. Whenever I went into Barnes and Noble during my younger years, I was so happy whenever I went into that store. I loved the smell of books. There was something awesome about the smell of characters and plot twists and cliffhangers that gave me an adrenalin rush. I picked up the book and started reading the minute I had got home. I would have gone outside to water the plants or go to the park or to a friends house but there was a huge heatwave going on. It was at least 95 degrees everyday for a week. I had to pull up a chair next to the fridge and open the freezer. It was nice because we had one of those fridges where the desperation between the cold and the colder was vertical instead of horizontal, which meant I didn’t have to stand up and my whole body got the colder air, instead of just my head. Once I started the book, I just couldn’t pick it down. I know that sounds kinda cliche, but it’s true. My mind was too into this Greek myth based children’s story and so was gravity. And the fact that it was one of the funniest books I have ever read also contributed.

Now,  more about the book: when we studied Greek Mythology in 4th grade, I was addicted. I had bought about two books but read about a dozen, maybe two on the subject. And once I realized this book had many of the elements of those of my favorite Greek Myths, I feel I had fallen in love. It wasn’t just the Greek myths that made this epic tale memorable; it was also Rick’s writing style. Who knew that a 40 something man could write like a 12 year old boy. I mean, I knew he used to be a 12 year old boy, but also a present day 12 year old boy. I guess it was a good start to have a son who had Dyslexia and ADHD. That was another part of the book I loved: he wrote this book to encourage kids with disabilities like this to never give up. I mean, if Percy Jackson or any of the other demigods had given up, they wouldn’t have never had a book, now would they?

I just love the characters as well: The underdog Percy, the braniac Annabeth, the nature loving Grover, the teacher Chrion, the drunk Dionysus, the bully Clarisse, and Luke, the good guy turned bad.

The plot line was probably the best part (and isn’t it always?) mostly because we had so many Greek myths pulled and stitched all together like a quilt made by Rick himself. Isn’t that all that books are? A piece of art? I would like to think so. Anyways, what I was saying was that Rick took all of these different myths. like the one where Perseus cut of Medusa’s head, or the one where someone crossed the Sea of Monsters (I forgot who it was)

(And awkwardly enough I realized all the other ones were from the other book in the series, and I am not getting into all of them tonight, it’s already just about 12 am.)

Let’s talk more in depth about the book:
Percy goes to a school for troubled kids. He soon finds out he is a demigod when he is attacked by a Fury and is transported by his mother and Jr. Protector Grover to Camp Half Blood, a camp exclusive to demigods. They are chased down by the Minotaur and the Minotaur kidnaps Percy’s mother, Sally, but Percy manages to cut off one of his horns.

Percy wakes up in the infirmary to a blonde girl named Annabeth-

ok, I am not going to give a whole summary. Just read the book.

In summary:

fresh and ancient at the same time, hilarious, whatever is the opposite of anti-climatic is, and just amazing.


I ended up going back to barnes and noble and picking up the whole series and read it in a week. Didn’t leave the couch the entire time. People still don’t believe me when I tell them this.

Thank you, dear Rick, for my childhood.

Rick’s Twitter

Link the buy the book




I was reminded of some other great factors of this book by some people on my Google plus community (the only thing I actually use Google plus for).

Another Greek myth I totally forgot to mention was the part where they were at the arch. I realize that I am going to end up summarizing the entire book, so, I’ll make this brief.

They met: Medusa, Chimera, Echidna, and I think his name was Stretchy. I really hate summazing whole books so please, take my word and just read the book.

(I think there was a poodle too but)

Also forgot the star rating.

From now on I will give a star rating of out of 100. It’s like a percent from rotton tomatoes. I’ll give this one an 87% on the basis (not sure about that word) that it made my childhood awesome and that it was hilarious. Thank you and good night (morning)


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