Sorry for no new review…

I may change it to a review every two weeks, but I might just write a bunch in a week where I am not busy and I can just schedule them.


Totally forgot…

Now that I look back on this blog, I realize how great of an idea this was. I have a really hard time sticking to writing daily or weekly or even monthly! I think I may just continue on this idea. 

~Owl Girl

Hiya C: Welcome to The Author Files

If you are here, you probably like reading, too. I tried to look up a site like this one, but came back with no results. So, I want to create a page where I review my favorite authors, but also authors you recommend me. And, the people, can send me your thoughts on authors as well. If you recommend me an author, please do not rush me in reviewing, as for me to get the author’s writing style, I have to read 2-3 books by the author. That’s what makes it different from a book reviewing site.

-Owl Girl :3